When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Ok, so we met with Giuseppe today for lunch and decided we are going to go ahead and take on an open acoustic jam at “Laz Cantina Sociale”. He seems like a very determined man and I think, much like “The Bird Stop”, that our support of him and his support of us will help us all out in the long run. I’m really curious to see what kind of a turn out we will get. I hope it’s good. He seems like a very determined and giving man. Soooooo, we committed to every Saturday night from6-9, barring us having a paying gig. The first jam is set to occur on October the 6th, so stay tuned and I will let you all know if the first jam was a success. 

We spent about 3 hours working on the Celtic set list tonight and went through everything at least once and some songs three times. They get tighter and tighter each time we do them and I am getting more and more clear on how I want the vocals to lay in with the accents. There are two songs that I am not as fond of as the others, “Myfanwy”, which means “My Darling One’ in Welsh and “Ar Lan Y Mor”, which is “Beside the Sea” in Welsh. They are just kind of monotonous to me, but they are very pretty and melodic so I thought we would go ahead and play them just for fun. I am having a lot of fun with all the other songs and am finally starting to feel really confident about the songs now. 

We were supposed to work on “Hey Baby” by Ted Nugent and “Still Got the Blues” by Gary Moore for the audition tomorrow, but we are both tired so we will get up early tomorrow and get them lined out before Bobby gets here for the audition tomorrow. We have a total of about 12 songs to go through with him tomorrow and then the Celtic song rehearsal, so once again, tomorrow will be a busy day! Stay Tuned……


2 thoughts on “When the Moon Hits Your Eye

  1. what a great song…. classic! thanks 🙂

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