Welcome Aboard!

Well we did it! We hired on a 2nd guitar player Bobby Day! Mike is so happy to have another lead player that is solid to round out our sound. Now if we could only solve the enigma of the bass player and the drummer. We have had ads out for over a week now and gotten a ton of responses but it appears that they all are either really flaky or just can’t make a commitment. I don’t understand it, we have a great set list and are open minded and now having another lead player we have so much room for really great songs. Bass players and drummers call us up and then fail to follow through. What is the deal? All we ask for is just to find players who know the material and have a desire to gig. I really don’t think that’s asking too much.

Beyond that we are almost ready for the Celtic Festival. I have the set list finished and we have 5 more rehearsals before lift off. I am so excited about this gig. I have been working diligently for the last 2 months learning the songs and learning the pronunciation of the Welsh words. Now I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I don’t accidentally tell someone to go jump in the English Channel or worse. LOL. Our set list is compiled of 15 songs, some in Welsh, some in what’s called macaronic, which simply means they are 1/2 English and 1/2 Welsh. We are also doing songs by Welsh musicians that are well known in the US like Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Badfinger, and Duffy. And last but not least we are doing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Rhiannon is a Welsh mythological character and her story is a rather sad one. Some believe that she was a witch, although it never really comes out and says that in the story it does make certain allusions that could lead one to assume she may have been a witch.

We have taken this week off from our usual jam night at The Bird Stop for a couple of different reasons. Matthew and Karen Kelly, the owners just had their new baby, Elissa. Mike and I also felt we needed to focus on the Celtic material. By the time we play next Tuesday we will be moving indoors, alas, summer is almost over. Other than that things are moving along well. 

Here is the photo of Elissa and a huge congrats to Matt and Karen and the whole Kelly clan!


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