Amazing Jam!

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Ludwig van Beethoven

What an amazing jam last night. We had so many musicians show up top play with us, including a two piece female group on ukulele and acoustic guitar with the most beautiful mix of harmonies . This was our last al fresco event before moving indoors, alas! Last night was also this first time we got to work in a live situation with Bobby Day, our new lead guitar player, and I am here to tell you the guy is amazing and he fits right in with us. We are supposed to work with a drummer on Friday, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, wishing upon a star, knocking on wood and throwing salt over my left shoulder that it goes well. Now if only the illusive bass player would materialize. They seem to be about as hard to catch as a Yeti! Stay tuned…..


2 thoughts on “Amazing Jam!

  1. One day i will visit your town and me and my wife will come to hear you sing and play! I love this new site of yours it is pretty awesome!

    • Jaz says:

      Thank you, we would love to have you. You just let me know when and I will make sure we have something scheduled. We’ are going to be getting very busy I think. The power of positive thought my friend….

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