Oh, What a Night!

I’ve said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed.
B. B. King

What an amazing evening! The jam at La Cantina Sociale was phenomenal! I couldn’t believe the level of the musicians that have just been hired on to EZ Street, Bobby Day on Lead Guitar and Steven McIver on drums. We had Bob Houghton sitting in on bass with us and you would not believe his amazing bass solo on “House is Rockin”.  Everyone played so freaking tight, it was as if we had always performed together. There were a couple of small train wrecks but I’m sure we are the only ones that noticed. Giuseppe was blown away by the music and we had an excellent turnout of other performers and audience! I was on stage and had asked if there were any musicians that wanted to get up and this guy yelled out to me, “There’s a trumpet player on his way.” I kind of looked at him with a tilted head, think of the same look your dog gives you when he doesn’t understand, you get the idea. Anyway, I thought the guy was pulling my leg. But no, in walk this little man with a 50’s style slicked back hair-do, raging cool sideburns and a small black case.

I did not realize it then but we had just been introduced to one of the great trumpet players! I am not kidding, it was as if a white Dizzie Gillespie had just walked into the room. We were all so blown away! He got up and played with my guys and just blew the doors off the joint. They played some jazz, they played some blues and hell the guy even played “Ring of Fire” with Krista. Yes folks, you heard it here, Johnny Cash! He did a very killer version of “Stormy Monday” and I heard what I though might have been “Summertime”. As a group we have already decided that we will use him whenever we can, he’s that amazing.

We also had this wonderful lady named Krista that got up and did some old country standards and even a gospel song that got everyone clapping there hands. She has this amazingly fun personality and it was fun to watch the interaction with the crowd. Then there was Jason, who is a drummer/guitar/bass player and vocalist. Last night was the very first time he had ever played with a band and he was very good for a first run. He did “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn” and some country songs that I didn’t recognize.

Our wonderful host, Giuseppe, is a master chef and insisted upon feeding the guys before we started and he fed them a wonderful homemade lasagna, that unfortunately I couldn’t eat because I can’t eat right before performing. He couldn’t go on enough about how great everything went last night. Neither can I, I’m still pinching myself. Stay tuned…. 


9 thoughts on “Oh, What a Night!

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  2. Phil says:

    Sounds like it was one of those magical nights that sweeps in every once in a while. Enjoy it Jaz – take it in and savor it, unlike that lasagna you couldn’t eat… Wish I was there – it seems like it was quite an evening.

    • Jaz says:

      OMG Phil you have no idea! I had forgotten how very much I was missing those great moments with a full band and the flow is just killer! Peace, Jaz

  3. What an incredible evening! No wonder you’re up and rolling! Isn’t it great when Life gives us great moments that live on forever?!

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