It Has to Be Said!

Its funny how you can be hurt so bad…from the person you least expected it from.

I’m still having trouble believing he did what he did. Matt, the owner of The Bird Stop, stabbed me and my band in the back. We have been playing for him for months. We were playing for tips and we did this to help him out. We have been hosting these open jams every Tuesday and he needed one of our Tuesday’s for an out of town band. He said that their music was so different from ours that we didn’t need to play that night. I thought that was ok, I was a little upset that he didn’t make them play on a different night, but whatever. I was so dead wrong about whatever. I called him yesterday to convey that I felt it was wrong of him to take away our Tuesday. He had the balls to act like he was doing us a favor by letting us play at his little coffee house. The only reason we did was to help him out and the guy never once pushed our tip jar for us to help at least pay for our time! And to add insult to injury I found out that he had another band, a band that we have helped out by bringing them into our jams, open for this other band. Wow! I told Michael that I am glad we found out now what a back stabber he is and that his friendship was never true. He was only out to get shit from people for free. Boy, did we ever get suckered! 


5 thoughts on “It Has to Be Said!

  1. Phil says:

    *** clicks the DISLIKE button ***
    What an awful way to be treated.

  2. I’m sorry you and you’re band lost time over some bottom feeding fool who doesn’t know when to show appreciation for whats being done for him. It’s good that you mentioned it but i can tell you still took the high road here by not mentioning where he worked or why people shouldn’t work for him. It really shows character Jaz even though i know you rather punch his lights out 🙂

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