Picture Perfect….

Here are some of the pics from the first ever open jam at La Cantina Sociale Italian Wine Bar. I hope you enjoy, we did.

The good news is that Bob Houghton has decided to join us on bass and we are ever son happy about his decision to be a part of EZ Street. That last pic is of Bob playing some of his original songs! Welcome aboard Bob!


5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect….

  1. Bob definitely looks like a cool cat 🙂

  2. Wes B. says:

    You sound like you’re a terrific musician! I hope you climb even more up the ladder and become more famous.

    • Jaz says:

      Thank you Wes. I’m not a young woman and have been doing this many years. I hope this new project is as fruitful as I really believe it’s going to be! Peace, Jaz

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