This is the latest video I just produced this morning of a song I did with Richard Soliz back in 2000. It was the first year that I met and worked with my producer Don Cunningham. He is by far one of the best producers in the Boise area and it is always a pleasure to work with him. The photos are courtesy of Russel Ray Photos, thank you so much Russel! I never seem to have enough pics and I have more videos to produce so if anyone has photos they would like to promote feel free to hit me up! Without further ado here’s Jaz and Richard performing “Heartbreaker” a cover by Grand Funk Railroad.


9 thoughts on “Heartbreaker…

  1. […] another video produced this morning from an old recording back in 2000. You can see it here at my EZ STreet a Day in the Life Blog. Life is moving along at a swift pace now that I have my focus on one thing. Unfortunately my […]

  2. evatenter says:

    If you would like to put some cloud photos into your videos, then I can be your no 1 “photographer” to turn to…so just let me know.:)

  3. Stan says:

    Oh Jaz , just had a chat conversation with a young lovely lady from Georgia (Europe ) who is really in love with a guy , and he isnt – really a heartbreaking story and i tried to “solace ” her , hope i had success , saw your video clip and posted it on her wall , hope she appreciates it . I like it , what a wonderful song ^^ thanks

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