Showcase For Saturday, Taduz Lemke

As some of you know we are showcasing one musician or small group each week at La Cantina Sociale. Our special guest this week is the amazingly talented Taduz Lemke, previously from California. It is a very special honor to have him playing with us. He plays a jazz/latin fusion (I hope that’s a good description?). If you click on his name it will take you to his link so you can hear some of his very cool music. We are looking forward to Saturday. I have asked Giuseppe to alter the lighting and make it a little more cozy for everyone and we are expecting a good lineup of local Boise talent. We are only going into our 3rd night of jams at this brand new venue and I have trouble believing just how well it has gone. I had no way of knowing what to expect and I’m glad I had none when I walked into this. EZ Street is doing great, we are almost at the 1/2 way mark on our set list and we are getting ready to add in one of Bob’s originals called “Missing You.” I am excited about it and think it’s got a very cool feel to it. Stay tuned….


One thought on “Showcase For Saturday, Taduz Lemke

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