Stage Fright

If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?Stevie Nicks (May 26, 1948 – )

I don’t get stage fright too often anymore, mostly it is just before the first couple of songs and then I am over it. The times that I absolutely still get stage fright is when I am standing or sitting on a stage with my guitar alone. I have this amazing confidence when I am playing with my husband or my band, but when I am up there flying solo I get such a case of stage fright my hands shake. I have found no cure for this. Not in 23 years have I been able to stop that fear that grips me. In my head what is spinning around is that I am going to fail, I am going to sing off key, my guitar playing is going to suck the big one. It doesn’t matter how many hours of practice I have put in, it matters not how many times I have been on stage before, it never seems to go away. If only I could look out at the audience and see them all naked, but would I really want to? The closest I have come to a cure is to find a point above everyone’s head and look there, if I look at someone in the eye I know I am just going to fall apart. 😀

On that note I leave you with Fleetwood Mac and the great Lindsey Buckingham:


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