Benefit for Baby Maxwell

We had just finished with rehearsals this evening and we had gone to check out a venue. While we were there I got a text message saying that they were looking for a band for October 26th. I called the person back and the benefit is for a baby boy that was born 2 months early and the family needs help with the hospital bills. They wanted us to play for them to help raise money for the family. I would gladly have done it for free, but I couldn’t justify not paying my guys anything so I took our price down to the bare minimum. If we were all employed it wouldn’t be any big deal but there is only 1 band member that is working. All the rest make their living from music. We are already playing for tips at one place and that is barely enough to cover our gas expense. I wish we were all independently wealthy so we could just go play without even worrying about gas. 

Anyway, 2 really great things came out of this. We are going to go sit in for a set at this new venue and that will probably work into on going gigs. This benefit is also going to open a lot of doors for us as a band. We have already had a phenomenal response and I feel so lucky to have the opportunities that are coming our way. We are all very grateful because this is all we have ever wanted to do, play music. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are bringing joy into someone else’s life through your craft. The craft that you love, breathe for and bleed for. 

I wish we could do more to help this family out and I am going to promote the benefit in every way I can. So far one of my wonderful friends, Unusual Ape has already donated $20 because he lives in Australia and can’t be at the event, for obvious reasons. I hope more people that can’t be there will also choose to donate.


3 thoughts on “Benefit for Baby Maxwell

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