Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford 

Since about 9:00 on Thursday night everything went kind of crazy for about 24 hours, good crazy, not straight room rubber jacket kinda crazy. 🙂 The Dakota Mad Band is going to have us sit in for an audition set on Thursday, November the 1st. It’s only an 1/2 to 45 minute set, but I asked the whole band to pick a couple of the songs that they feel they do the strongest so that we can bring our best stuff to the table with the goal of picking up a gig there. The bar manger is supposed to come check us out that night. Mike and I played The New Frontier a few years ago and it’s actually a pretty easy gig as far as gigs go. The owner, Mo, is a very nice man and they have their own PA,  so that makes the gig twice as easy. We are also playing our regular gig tonight at La Cantina Sociale Italian Wine Bar and we have special guest Taduz Lemke for our showcase musician tonight. He is also going to play the Baby Maxwell Benefit with us at BoEx, which is going to do a lot to help us both out. He is picking up the extra 2 hours that we can’t fill and that way the benefit doesn’t have to go 2 hours without entertainment. This gig is bringing us a lot of exposure that I didn’t expect and I am so glad everyone wanted to do it!

We are so close to being ready for a full gig, and all in just a little over 2 weeks, which is amazing. These guys have a lot to be proud of for their musicianship and dedication. If we happen to get a full gig before we are quite there I know we can always flip back around on songs from set 1 & 2 to fill set 4 because by that time of night everyone is usually so gonzo they won’t notice or even care. Most of the time the crowd that was there during sets 1 & 2 has changed and we have a whole new crowd, but I have faith that we will have it on line in the next 2 weeks I plan on trying to put off booking any full gigs until after that. So if we get an offer from The New Frontier I will set the booking for the first weekend in November to give us time to get everything online. I have complete faith in all the guys, and I have no doubts whatever that we can be fully ready by the end of October.

Some of the bigger songs we are doing may not be ready but we can always add in easy songs as set fillers until we can lock down some of those bigger songs by Styx and Grand Funk Railroad. I hate doing those cheesy, easy songs, but if it means the difference between getting a gig or not getting a gig, I opt for the cheese. It’s only temporarily painful, like seeing the dentist. 🙂 So we will keep on whiling away at the set list and get it locked down and very soon we will have the songs that we want on the list. Cheesy songs are kind of like that poor kid on the playground that is the last one to get picked for the team, you don’t really want him but he’s a necessary player.

So, my friends, from 9 pm on Thursday until 9 pm last night I was busy working on promotions, because every gig we do requires a huge amount of my attention in getting the word out and making posters for the gig. The rest of my time is spent working on set lists and communicating with the rest of the band and the special events promoter. After that is done I work on music, mostly new songs that we are working on as a band. I have a special acoustic song that I am going to do with Mike for Baby Maxwell and his family so I will spend some time today working on that. Don’t ask what song, cuz I am not telling, it’s a surprise. :D. It is my goal that this event be as special as it can for the family and friends and I want them to have a song to take away with them that everytime they hear it on the radio they will remember this night and it will bring them happy memories of the support from the community.

So, with that I leave you with The Four Seasons, enjoy 🙂


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