The first thing I do each morning, after getting coffee of course, is to answer e-mails, FaceBook responses and handle all the miscellaneous band business. It is important to promote yourself as a band and that, in and of itself, can be a full time job. I spend a good deal of time talking to people and responding to their FB messages. Yesterday I spent a good majority of my morning finding different sites that I could promote EZ Street on and I found a real good one at Go Listen Boise. I had to go in and update our web pages so that they are current with photos from different gigs. Here are two of our pages that I just updated yesterday, EZ Street Blues and our ReverbNation Page. Now, mind you, I don’t have any recordings of our band yet, so the music on there is pre the new EZ Street, those are when my husband and I were running as a duo.  However, I will have some by this weekend hopefully because Steven, our drummer, recorded our gig at La Cantina Sociale on Saturday and we are recording our rehearsal session tonight. We are also always adding on new songs. With each rehearsal session we have been adding on an average of 3-4 new songs to our repertoire, so I have to go in and do updates at least three to four times a week.

One of the most important things you can do as a band business manager is promote yourself. When we have a gig I always go beyond what the venue will do for promoting. This means getting the word out on FaceBook, making sure your dates are posted of your gigs, responding to e-mail and messages from friends and people that have been out to see you. I also make posters for every single gig we play and I will usually give them to the venue for them to post out in public because they know the best places to put them in their area and many times they can get posters put up in local businesses.  I am always exploring new avenues of how I can promote us and it is key to your success or failure with getting new gigs and getting the public out to see you. By far word of mouth is the strongest tool and that’s why it is so important to answer each and every response you have on your social networking pages.

By far one of the best promotional tools you can use is to network with other bands and musicians in your area. Find those bands and musicians that you really love their music, and admire them as a band, and as people, Spend some time talking with them, get out to see them play, and support them because at the end of the day it will help you out with getting the word out about your band. The really great thing is you will make some great friends along the way and if you run into trouble and need to replace a band member what easier way to do it than to talk to your contacts in the music industry. There is so much jealousy that runs in this industry that I will never understand. It’s crazy to be envious of another band, for whatever reason. You are basically cutting off your nose despite your face. 

Another really important thing you can do is to support local musicians that are “floating”. They don’t have a home yet and are out actively trying to get hooked up into a project. We have a showcase musician or duo each week at our jam session. This helps them out with getting in touch with other musicians and their friends will come to see you, so it works double. And again, I can’t say this enough, you will make some great and priceless friendships along the road. Don’t forget that if you treat someone crappy because you think you are better than them you are stabbing yourself in the back. Treat each and every person that talks to you with respect and never with disdain. Being holier than thou will only serve to alienate people from you. And that is just my thought for the day, and with that I leave you with our version of “Dreams”. Enjoy and have a peaceful day my friends 🙂



2 thoughts on “Promoting……

  1. I know you must love what you do because even i know how overwhelming that can be. I give you all the props in the world for holding the world up on your shoulders like that 🙂

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