A Memorable Evening!

Perfect Night has that magic and it has the raw energy that grabs you by the throat. Lou Reed

We had such a great time last night! For this being our first “official” gig the guys all did an outstanding job. Sure we made a few mistakes along the way, all bands do no matter how long they have been together. However, the mistakes were few and far between and for only having been together for a little over 3 weeks it feels as if we have played together for so much longer than that. The benefit was a great success and we got a lot of compliments. Everyone is looking forward to us coming back to the BoEx and the owners and employees were so very nice. The food was excellent as was the company. Paul Fleming got up and kicked off the night with a beautiful speech about his little boy, Maxwell, that the benefit was held for. You couldn’t listen to him speak without getting some glimmer of hope and joy at this little boy’s tenacity. I know I wasn’t the only one that had a tear of joy over the finale of his speech when he thanked everyone for their support and he accepted it with such graciousness. I only hope that we helped in some small way to aid his family in getting the much needed financial support his family needs to help them through the worries about how they are going to pay their bills so that they can focus on little Max. There were a lot of first for me last night that made it so memorable. First benefit for a premie baby, first benefit or gig for that matter in a Bosnian bar/restaurant, first time ever doing an auction and first time gig for EZ Street as a band. We are very lucky and I feel that many good things are going to follow for us as a band.

I felt bad for Taduz Lemke because by the time he got up to play everyone had started to filter out. I just hope he had a good time and got some connections out of this. I know he’s struggling to get his name out there and he is such a talented musician.

Tonight we have the costume party and jam at La Cantina Sociale and it should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing what costumes the guys are going to come up with. I am going as a butterfly, I know boring but easy. Besides I like butterflies! I’m sure we will have a blast and then on Monday we can get back to adding in new songs to our repertoire. On that note I leave you with Louis Armstrong…. 


2 thoughts on “A Memorable Evening!

  1. Have fun, tonight! It sounds like it went great at the benefit…and cool costume..>!<

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