The Ghosts and Goblins…….

I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.  ~Author Unknown

We had an amazing time at the Halloween costume contest and open jam last night at La Cantina Sociale. The food cooked by our host Giuseppe and by one of our jammers, Jason, was amazing! Jason also helped out with sound and performed 4 songs. Our showcase musician Lance Wells did a phenomenal job with his acoustic guitar, spot on vocals and foot tapping tambourine were a real hit with the crowd last night! The big winners of the costume contest for the night were, 1st place the plague doctor, 2nd place was Rambo, Chuck Lichtenhan, and 3rd place was taken by the wicked fairy. Some of the other costumes were myself dressed as a butterfly, Mike Fagan dressed as a hippy, Steven McIver dressed as Alice Cooper, Bobby Day dressed as a white Jimi Hendrix and Robert Houghton dressed as the phantom of the opera.

The customers were dressed as the phantom of the opera, the sexy Medusa, a pirate gypsy, Lance Wells came as the running man, the biker guy, the bug man, Giuseppe dressed as mafioso (what else LOL), we also had a Kojak. A great time was had by all and the band did an amazing job as always! We will be back again at La Cantina Sociale for our open jam again next Saturday and look forward to seeing everyone. I hope more people will come out that want to get up and jam. 

We are back in rehearsals on Tuesday getting geared up for an audition at The New Frontier in Meridian on Thursday night courtesy of host band The Dakota Mad Band and should be on stage around 9:30. We had really good feed back from the BoEx and I expect we will probably be playing there again very soon. We also have a new webpage if you would like updates on pictures, videos and music at EZ Street Idaho. Keep in mind that it is still under construction :). 

On that note I leave you with one of my favorite Halloween songs “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Happy Halloweeny!


3 thoughts on “The Ghosts and Goblins…….

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  2. Stan says:

    we had a “time warp ” in germany last weekend , we changed from summert to wintertime , therefore a lot of people posted this song saturday night , but it fits also to halloween , you´re right ^^

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