The New Frontier

We went and played a 1/2 hour set at The New Frontier in Merdian last night and had an absolute blast. Apparently they loved us because Candi, the lead singer from our host band last night, Dakota Mad Band, said that we will be playing there in no time at all.  Apparently the bartender loved us as well and I could tell that the crowd was getting into it. We got a lot of compliments and I couldn’t be more proud of the guys. We were really tight and barring a few technical errors, and me forgetting to get my capo up on stage, we all did great!

We have decided that we need to spend Saturday nights focusing on rehearsals so we are letting La Cantina Sociale go. We have still so much work to do and I know Giuseppe understands that. I am looking for someone to take our place. I had asked Lance to take it over but he declined it because he doesn’t want to be committed to being there every Saturday night when he could be playing a gig for guaranteed money. That is part of our problem too, we need to be getting paid, not playing for tips. With 3 of my guys unemployed I don’t have any other choice. So, sadly this is going to be our last Saturday there. But, I am looking diligently for someone to take over the jam.

With that I leave you with Kings of Leon enjoy! 🙂


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