How do you say thank you?

“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” David Thomas

I am terrible! I don’t know how to say, “Thank you!” Everytime I try  it comes out wrong. I tried to say, “Thank you!” to my dad the other day and it ended in a pissing match. I am just no good at this. Well I am going to do it without Thank You interuptis. Dad thank you for just being my dad. You’re not my biological father but you pretty much rule my world as far as fathers go. Thank you to Bob Houghton for being such a giving friend and bass player. You give every extra bit of energy you have to EZ Street and I know you have been through a lot! Thank you for being a great video tech and thank you for just loving Star Trek! Thank you Bobby for going through hell and back just trying to play music. Mike Cranston may think he knows it all but you put the L in lead guitar! Thank you Steven McIver for being the poop when it comes to drums. My friend you have got the skills that put a lot of drummers to shame and I am proud and honored to have you for a friend! Most of all, THANK YOU to Mike Fagan, he’s had to put up with most of my selective brand of bullshit, and I have a lot! He listens to me when I am down, he holds me when I cry, and he loves me without condition. How lucky am I. Thank you everyone. On that note I leave you with Andrew Gold cuz it’s cool


3 thoughts on “How do you say thank you?

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  2. What a universal truth–how apologies can morph monster-like into their opposite. An uplifting post, Jaz, and a great way to head this off at the pass!

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