Busy Dayz……..

I have had no time to fill everyone in on what’s going on. We played Friday night at The Frontier Club in Meridian and we got hired back to play New Year’s Eve right away. It is a fun gig and we had a good time. It was our first time playing with Ken on bass and he did a fabulous job! We are going to have a masquerade ball for the New Year’s Eve bash so I am going to be on the search for a couple of cool masks for me and Mike. Our bass player Ken just got here from Alaska so we are having a dear friend of mine, Brother Bob, fill in through our gig on the 24th at The Gathering Place. After that we will be kicking into full gear. I have bookings coming from the BoEx and hopefully The Gathering Place and The Frontier Club will be repeating gigs. I would really like to see us working almost every weekend, if not more. With that I leave you with one of the tunes we are doing by Tom Petty….


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