Showing Support….

I tried to find some cool quote that would express the mixture of feelings I am having this morning, but there wasn’t one. Maybe because I am having a mix of such strong feelings there are no exact quotes that express or convey the array of emotions I am feeling. We had decided we were going to go out last night to the Lock, Stock & Barrel to show some love and support for Brother Bob and his group Freudian Slip, who is sitting in on bass with us on the 24th at The Gathering Place. Before we even left the house the first in a bizarre string of events began. Out of the blue we get a phone call from a friend that we haven’t really hung around for years and so we went and picked him up and he tagged along with us to the places we needed to go last night. Let the bizarreness begin…

First we stopped in at The Gathering Place to check the venue out. It is very cool! We had a chance to meet the owner and he is really nice. I am so happy my husband has taken over the bookings because I just don;t have the time or the energy and he found this one. It is going to be a lot of fun! Next up, The Lock, Stock & Barrel. We no sooner walk in the door and I look up and who should be on the stage with Brother Bob and Freudian Slip but “Those Girls”. 🙂 How strange is that? Cindy and Bobbie were our showcase group at La Cantina Sociale the first time we played there and they were our closing showcase group. They are the sweetest people and very talented musicians. The music was good, very laid back and the setting was romantic. It’s quite a jump for Brother Bob going from that to playing with a very hard driving rock and blues band. 🙂

Next up, The New Frontier. Derek had sent me an invite to their open jam and since he had run sound for us the last time we played there we decided to show some love and make a stop in to say “Hi”. Imagine my surprise when I look up on the stage and there stands one of our ex-band mates playing the guitar and singing. O.K. first shock, next shock there is our ex-bass player apparently recording and playing bass. O.K. shock two. The biggest shock, I look over to where my husband is standing and there is the bass players wife. Were the shocks over, hell no. I’m standing there talking to the bass players wife, who I absolutely adore, when she points out that our ex-drummers wife is there and the lead guitar players wife! 

This may be a little hard to follow, but I will sort of fill in the gaps. Our entire band from 8 years ago and their wives were there at the open jam, less the drummer because he was sick. It was a blast from the past. I can only assume that after they all floated off to different projects through the years they have reformed and are trying to get their foot into the door at The Frontier Club. I won’t go into the reasons why we broke up, it’s irrelevant, we have managed to maintain a small bit of friendship after the fall out. I wish them the best of luck.

With that, it is only fair to say that there were quite a few surprises last night, some more pleasant than others and we had a nice evening out. We never go out anymore and we had a very nice time, although paying $6 for an Irish coffee wasn’t a happy sticker shock LOL! We have rehearsals today and I am getting excited about The Gathering Place. We have some very cool songs that we are adding into the set list and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Tonight is the big test drive of ZZ Top’s “Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Left Chicago”. With that I leave you with ZZ Top……….



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