I Can Hardly Believe It!

Well we have finally reached the jumping off point, YAY! We have tightened down all the nuts and the bolts and are now to the point where we feel comfortable enough to kick songs off the set list that we don’t like doing so much, “Day After Day” was the first to go! Now we are adding in songs we really like and it’s so much more fun! We have worked out a majority of the ZZ Top song “Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Left Chicago” and I’m pretty sure we will nail it on Monday. I have asked the guys to work on “Watchtower” by Hendrix, “Music Into Gold” by John Stewart and “I Just Want to Make Love to You” by Foghat. So, with any luck we will have 3 new songs along with the ZZ top song. Next up is hopefully “Train Kept A Rolling” by Aerosmith, “I’m Your Captain” Grand Funk and a few more of the difficult songs that we wanted from the get go.ย 

I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have crept up on us. I have to go get the supplies for my masquerade costume for the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball at The Frontier Club. I took an old dress and am turning it into a saloon girl dress and am making my own mask. So I am off to Michael’s for supplies….weeeeeeeee. With that I leave you with Jimi….


11 thoughts on “I Can Hardly Believe It!

  1. Ah, to have a “Michaels” within running distance! (Sigh!) Z

  2. I just put Grand Funk Railroad I am Your captain on a playlist. Such a great tine. Was a rock tune even my so country-western father did.

    Good luck on you upcoming gig~

  3. lily says:

    I like your happy and creative mood, Jaz! Hope all that creative energy is contagious (via blog reading, preferably!). Making masks is fun, and new music is always invigorating, too. No ruts, always progress, good for you and the band! Haven’t heard a couple of your tunes in a long while so it’ll be fun to hear those. Thanks for the new playlist! ~ Lily

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