Craigslist Trolls and Flag Clowns

There is a nasty little crew of evil trolls that live on the Craigslist musician’s site. They go around flagging perfectly honest ads. Recently I have posted ads for my husband and our other lead guitar player for some side work teaching lessons and repairing equipment and guitars. During the last week both those ads have gotten flagged by some ass clown. They can flag away but it’s BS because every time they flag it I have to go in and redo the entire ad. It’s time consuming and may very well have cost both my guys some much needed work. We are all in dire need of work and flagging these ads is ridiculous and mean! If only we had some way of knowing who the trolls are and we could flag them life would be such a simpler place and so would Craigslist. It would be nice if Craigslist wouldn’t empower people to be the Craigslist police that go around flagging ads for fun or simply because they don’t like the ad. What’s up with that?!? Don’t even get me started on the opinionated trolls that respond to other people’s ads with their vitriol of spewing hate on Craigslist in behemoth proportions. You know this jackwagon is the same kid that used to  get beat up on the playground. Is it any wonder why?


10 thoughts on “Craigslist Trolls and Flag Clowns

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    Crazy, i always figured craigslist was too loose end for posting anything that would remain stable and reliable. Its all up in the air with that site :/

  2. ah-ha! find the person who did this and you’ll probably find the person who said the other, which, btw, is no longer available to view…

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  5. Anonymous says:

    What really sucks is when someone dosen’t like your comments in the CL forum so they go flag all your posts and post hate messages as well. Some asswipe did this to me. They flagged my ads and then made postings saying my murchendise (which is perfectly fine) is crap. I really wish I could teach these fools a lesson!

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