Dam It! LOL

Electricity is really just organized lightning. George Carlin 

I love it when you decide you want to do a song. You sit there and listen to it and you think, “This isn’t so hard.” Then suddenly you get into doing it and holy donkey’s balls! The freakin thing is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy harder than you could have imagined. LOL. That’s what’s going on with this dam ZZ Top song. It’s really not just one song, it’s a medley of 2. Now, mind you, we are so close to having it, sooooo close. There’s just a couple of little hooks that are kicking our asses. Beyond that we ran through “I Just Wanna Make Love to you” and it rocked. I have never sung it before but I feel like it was geared for my voice. “Watchtower’ went really well and I see it getting way better the more we play it. So, our set list is done for the week, we have added in 5 new songs and I am amping up and chomping at the bit to play Saturday! Poor Steven, the drummer, is getting live gig DT’s LOL. It’s all good. We picked up another gig yesterday at Fisher’s Bar in Homedale and that should be an absolute kick in the ass. With that I leave you with the Allman Brothers



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