Time to Roll…….

We had an outstanding rehearsal tonight. Everything, including me being sick, is flowing smooth. A couple of hitches in our giddy up  but we worked through them. Yes I have finally decided to get full blown sick, a day before the gig, of course. It’s Murphy’s Law or some such thing! LOL. After dinner last night we went and saw Mike’s sister. She looks really good and is doing well after losing her husband last year. The girls are as cute as ever and growing like weeds. We headed over to the Frontier Club and Candi and her guys got us up. I really wasn’t expecting to get up, not just once but twice. LOL We test drove two of our new songs and I had to wing the lyrics on “I Just Wanna Make Love to You.” They went over really well. The hardest thing was we ncouldn’t hear the monitors so it was kind of flying blind. It was fun and we had a great time. Candi’s uncle, Mad Dog, sat in with us on bass and the guy absolutely ROX!!!!!He even played “Smoke on the Water” with us….  I thought I would share some of the Thanksgiving Pictures with you….

This is Mad Dog who sat in and played bass for us last night.


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