The Gathering Place…….

We had such an amazing night at The Gathering Place in Eagle and can’t wait to go back. Bill told us to contact him for another date soon! YAY! It started out not looking so good because it was raining and we thought that might affect the turn out, did it, NO! We had a pretty full bar all night long and I can’t recall a time when there wasn’t someone on the floor dancing, including the owner Bill. There were several women that got dumped on their butts during the night, mostly while dancing I think. One poor girl went right over backward over our stage monitor onto Bobby’s foot pedal. I felt so bad for her, she wasn’t drunk or anything, she just boogied back a little too far and went down. There were at least 3 other women I see fall down throughout the night. Man these people didn’t just dance on the small makeshift dance floor we had, they danced at the bar, at the pool tables, literally everywhere! It was such a blast. Some of my favorite highlights of the night where when Harmonica Rick Gibson got up and did “Stormy Monday” with me and when we did “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” and yes, I am actually enjoying the s**t out of singing “Smoke on the Water” again! Those songs, for me anyway, were freakin’ smokin’!!! We so can’t wait to go back again very soon! Here are some of my fav photos from the night.


With that I leave you with George Thorogood….


7 thoughts on “The Gathering Place…….

  1. This looks land sounds like so much fun! it’s great when we look forward to what he have chosen to do with our lives, and it’s even greater when people tell us that we’ve done something well!

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

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    Great sounding band. Whenever possible, you should check them out in person.

  3. Loving your enthusiasm, Yaz….. Go girl…! 🙂

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