Fisher’s Bar

Well we are getting geared up for Fisher’s Bar in Homedale. This should be a lot of fun. The people there are so warm and friendly every time I have ever played there or been there in the past. It should prove to be a great time. The people in Homedale know how to have some fun. I thought at first we were going to get a late start, but fortunately our basses are covered, (so to speak LOL) and we will kick off at our usual time of 9 pm. I hope we have a most excellent turn-out. Frankly, as some of my readers know, this hasn’t been one of the best weeks from me. I am not going to rehash the gory details, but I spent a good part of Monday through Wednesday completely shut off from everyone because I was hurting inside. I am over it, because that’s who I am. I am a fighter and a survivor and I don’t just lay down and eat s**t politely with a knife and a fork. Anyway, look out Fisher’s Bar, here we come!!!!!!!!!

With that I leave you with Bad Company


4 thoughts on “Fisher’s Bar

  1. Hey Jaz…are you on reverbnation or somewhere else I can catch a sound byte..? And good for you for grabbing the blues bull by the horns…sometimes it’s super hard, and there’s usually s**t to be side-stepped…

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