The Usual Band Stuff…

We played Fisher’s Bar the other night and it was good. I was pretty deathly sick and Chardee was nice enough to let us stop about  20 minutes early so I could go home and die. We were more than happy to keep going though. We are going through some struggles, like all bands do. And I just hope that all the members can stick it out through this rough patch. I know if we can all just hold out we are going to come out of this better than ever. We have gigs lined up and still need to get our bass player problem solved. I thought Brother Bob was going to stay on permanent, but he told me Saturday that he can’t because of the gas issue going back and forth to rehearsals, which I can totally understand and respect. Also he has his own band, “Freudian Slip”, that he has been diligently working on for 6 years. I am sad, because I would love to have him on as a permanent player. We really appreciate “Mad Dog” Gary Melton sitting in with us for that hour that Bro Bob couldn’t be there. I’m holding out hope that something will break for us in the next week or so. Brother Bob is going to do the Quarter Barrel with us and after that we are still in search of the bass player of our dreams. I wish Ken would have stayed, but things just didn’t work out, and at the end of the day I think gas would have become a huge issue for him as well with him living clear in Vale, Oregon. If anyone knows a bass player that is looking please have them get in touch with Mike. We’d love to give a good bass player a chance. With that I wanted to share my favorite picture form Fisher’s on Saturday with you. This gentleman, I think his name is Hootie, was getting down and having the best time with the music. He even danced!



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