The Beat Goes On….

EZ Street is continuing on. We will know for sure by Saturday if we are going to play the Quarter Barrel or not. Brother Bob is sitting in with us and he is trying very hard to help us find a new bass player. We have a couple of people we are looking at for the New Year’s Eve gig at the Frontier Club. Either way we will fulfill all of our current obligations and once we find the right bass player we will continue to book more. We have gigs on the table that we can’t commit to until we get someone on line. In the meantime Steven, our drummer, is sitting in with JT and another guy on Friday night, I’m not sure where. I really want the guys to do what they need to do to keep some money rolling in their pockets. I know Steven hasn’t given up on us, and I would never hold him back. Mike and I are of the same mind, that we need to keep rolling as well. We are working on an acoustic gig at the Crescent Brewery in Nampa, which I am booking today, and regardless of what’s going on with the full band Mike and I are going to pick up what side acoustic gigs we can during the week. Everybody has to do what they have to do. I admit, the acoustic stuff is not near as much fun as the full band, but it’s work and in this day, where work is few and far between, we all have to do what we have to do. Don’t give up folks EZ Street is far from done….. 🙂


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