Acoustic Evolution

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism. Bordering on insanity. Richard Thompson

EZ Street is still continuing on, never fear my friends. We are back in rehearsals on Monday with Dan Tucker on bass getting ready for the New Year’s Eve gig. Hopefully he will be the last bass player we have to try out. Knock on wood, throw salt over my left shoulder and wish upon a star. 🙂 Mike and I have decided that we will also do an acoustic duo and possibly a trio with Bobby Day on the bands off time, just to keep playing, make a little money and continue to learn songs and write. We are scheduled at The Crescent Brewery in Nampa on Saturday December the 29th and we could really use all the support from our friends that we can get. So, if you survive Christmas and you feel like getting out Saturday night, please come hang out with us. We are going to be doing a very wide genre of music. When I was setting up the set list I couldn’t believe how many different genres we have. We are going from our normal blues swing with some SRV, and Joe Cocker into some of my folk/alternative originals, including 2 brand spanking new ones that no one has heard yet, and one more if I can get the melody lines written before then. We are also doing a couple of borderline country tunes by Marshall Tucker and CCR. And now for something completely different, we are going to play some of the Welsh folk tunes that we played at the Celtic Festival this summer, and yes, some of them are sung in Welsh. We are also adding in some modern stuff by Adele, Train, Tonic, and just for fun The Violent Femmes. It should be a very interesting night with all the diversity, so hopefully some of our friends will come out to see us! With that I leave you with Tonic, one of the covers we are doing….


3 thoughts on “Acoustic Evolution

  1. Todd Lohenry says:

    I love the song but what’s the connection between the music and the hate filled posters?

  2. […] Acoustic Evolution ( […]

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