The Hiatus….

We got back into rehearsals again after a short break. We went 1/2 way through the set list and other than a few little mistakes here and there things are good. Mike and I are continuing on with our acoustic rehearsals and we are adding in “Hook” by the Blues Traveler. We have Harmonica Rick Gibson sitting in with us so that will help add to the diversity of the songs and allow us to keep the lead breaks on the blues stuff. 

We tried out a bass player last night and it’s probably not a good fit. I have a little trouble understanding why a person would try out for a band that is already formed and doing the material that they are doing and wanting to play with them, but wanting to add in music from a genre that makes absolutely no sense. We are a classic rock and blues band and this bass player wants to add in country? We don’t play country and it doesn’t fit, nor does it make any sense at all. You don’t jump from the extreme of doing Clapton, SRV and classic rock tunes like the Stones and Deep Purple to doing songs by Waylon Jennings. It seems to me that this person needs to join a country band or form his own band, not jump into a classic rock and blues band that is already formed and expect  to do country tunes. For 1, it doesn’t work, for 2, it doesn’t make sense and for 3, it isn’t going to happen. One other thing, he wants to sing 2-3 songs per set. I am totally ok with the guys singing a few tunes here and there if the songs are good, they fit with what we are already doing, and the vocals are good. I am singing about 96% of our set list now and some of them are power songs, so I am all about having a break on the vocals and just playing rhythm guitar, what I am not all about is having our set lists evolve into a country mish-mosh of songs that no one else wants to do and make absolutely no sense in light of everything else we do.  So, we are trying out another bass player on Wednesday and we will see how that works out. This bass player is into the same stuff we do, has quite a background in music, can sing and has a really great personality. I don’t like conflicts and the guys pretty much agreed that they could already see a conflict with the other bass player. So, my friends, the search goes on….

With that I leave you with The Blues Traveler 


2 thoughts on “The Hiatus….

  1. Spud Moore says:

    If your next audition doesn’t fit please gimme a call…I’d love to discuss my resume & experience with classic rock & the position you’re offering.
    THX, Spud

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