Barb’s Barr

We went into Barb’s yesterday and met with Heather and booked out the band for 7 months in advance. We are playing all the way through to August about every other month. You can check the schedule here: EZ STREET. That list includes our full gig schedule. It will be fun to play a new venue. It’s nice too because it’s close to home and, unlike Ada County, Canyon County only serves until 1 am so we get to come home a little earlier. I have wanted to play Barb’s for the longest time, but until now we didn’t have the right band situation to play there. There are a few friends of ours that are playing in bands there as well, like Rick Armstrong from SwiTc Her. Speaking of Rick, he sold me a brand spanking new gig bag for my S-101 electric acoustic yesterday when we went to see him at his music store. It’s cool and I have needed one for about 2 years LOL. Talk about putting something off! Well, as you can see we are back on track, and I am incredibly happy about it! With that I leave you with “Shooting Star”


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