We Do Not Stand Alone….

I have never been a stand alone musician. My dear friend, Brother Bob, is. He can stand on a stage with only his guitar and play solo. I am just not that brave. Without Michael sitting beside me playing lead guitar and fills I feel naked and alone. We have been rehearsing everyday for the Crescent Brewery acoustic gig and we have our set list where we want it now. There are the songs that we have been doing for years, 2 new songs, “No Feeling” and “Empty”,  that no one has heard yet and some new additions to the acoustic song family. There is also a few of the Celtic tunes that we played this summer. I think the set list is diverse and hopefully it will be a crowd pleaser. Harmonica Rick Gibson is sitting in with us on harp and we have rehearsals with him on Sunday. I really love him, he’s got the best attitude and a pure love of music and playing that is not jaded or driven by fiduciary reasons. I am trying something new that I have never done before. I am setting my tambourine in my lap and holding down a back beat by tapping the rhythm like a drum on the songs that I am not playing guitar on. It sure helps fill things out and it’s different. Believe it or not I can’t hold a tam in my hands and hit the right rhythm pattern, but if I set it in my lap and tap on it with both hands like a drum the rhythm comes out right. 🙂 We also have 4 new songs that we have added in that I really like a lot. “If You Could Only See” by Tonic, “Shooting Star” by Bad Company, “Train Train” by Blackfoot, and “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes. With that I leave you with “Blister in the Sun”….


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