Booked Out!!!

Well, EZ Street is pretty much completely booked out for the month of January! YAY! We picked up another gig at The Gathering Place on the 5th of January, and I so love that place. Everyone dances and they have so much fun!!!!!! Unfortunately our new bass player John Fast won’t be able to sit in on that one. He has certain weekends that he has his kids and I totally get that. So, Brother Bob will be sitting in with us for that one. YAY, Brother Bob! Things are going well, we are back in rehearsals tonight with the addition of “Shooting Star” to the set list. It’s another one of those songs that I have wanted to do forever. Mike and I are doing it for the acoustic gig and I am really enjoying playing it and the lead singers voice fits mine really well. Other than that, our next gig is the acoustic gig on December the 29th and I hope a few of our friends can make it out to support us. Have a great day everyone!


7 thoughts on “Booked Out!!!

  1. congratulations! rest when you can, stay well and be happy! sounds like everything is going well; i wish i could be there for the acoustic gig!

  2. Supply and demand works!! I’m looking forward to many amusing anecdotes..:)

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