AHHHHHHHHHHH, The World is Still Here!!!!!!

WTF??? I was so sure the Mayans had it right….LOL. Well, it’s not midnight yet, so there is still time if you want to go out and do something crazy before the world ends. This begs the question, does it end MST. PST, GMT or what???? Ok, enough about that. My throat is really sore today and I have an ear ache, so I am going to have to hold on rehearsals for the acoustic gig for yet another day. :(. As I told everyone on my other blog/vlog I have a new stage outfit. It was my Xmas present. The boots came from the hubby, the leggings from my mom and the rest I got from my paycheck! I just found out that Motto Kitty, a local band here in the Boise area is going to be playing right next door at the 127, so if you’re coming out to see us take a minute to step next door and catch their act. I haven’t had a chance to ever see them live yet, but I hear great things. So, the two red heads will be burning up Meridian on New Year’s Eve! Don’t forget your mask or costume. I’m trying to get prizes for best mask or costume, I will let you know what happens with that. Anyway, As The World Continues to Turn I leave you with REM, who else LMAO….


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