Band on the Run!!!

Well as the clock on the New Year turned over to 2013 EZ Street is moving forward with a very busy schedule. At this point we are booked all they way through to August with a very full schedule and more gigs to come. This includes the side acoustic project. Mike and I will be back at The Crescent Brewery on February 16th with Rick Gibson, but this time Steven McIver is going to sit in on an acoustic drum kit with us. We have added a new song “Red House” by Hendrix to our set list that Bobby sings and it’s a really cool song! We are now working on 3 more new ones, Stray Cats Strut by The Stray Cats, Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Sheppard and I’ll Be Your Man by The Black Keys. As always it’s about moving forward!  We are booked consistently at Barb’s Barr in Nampa, The New Frontier Club, The Crescent Brewery and should be going back to The Gathering Place in March or April and are tentatively booked for a St. Pat’s Party at The Construction Zone. We will keep you up to date. With that I leave you with I”ll Be Your Man by the Black Keys….


4 thoughts on “Band on the Run!!!

  1. wow, i love blue on black! it’s been a while since i’ve played kenny wayne! it would be great to hear you all play that!
    glad to see you back and moving forward! z

  2. Blue on Black rocks! Sounds like you’re keeping it fresh.

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