Song Evolution…

Music is a funny creature. I have been working for the last two days on my originals and the Welsh/Celtic songs I am doing for the acoustic gig coming up in February. One song that I wrote called “Make You See” is constantly evolving. The funny thing about it is that this song is 13 years old. The title has evolved, the way I sing it has evolved. I am going to produce a video for it in it’s original state very soon. 2 of the other originals I wrote, “Empty” and “No Feeling” are starting to really develop into songs that, while sad in nature, I really am enjoying the way the vocal/guitar patterns are laying down. They are both relatively new. “Empty” was written last spring and “No Feeling” was written last summer. I am really enjoying the evolution that they are taking on.

It is a reminder that the songs that we write and that we feel are strong are always a work in progress, even years later. This is mainly due to our internal evolution and growth as musicians. As soon as I have the video produced for “Make You See” I will share it with you and then I will try to do a Web Cam of the song as it is now, but the quality won’t be the same, but it is a way for me to see the evolution of the song from 13 years ago to today. 

The Celtic songs are also growing and evolving mainly due to the fact that it is a relatively new genre and language to me, but also because of my pure understanding of the melody lines/guitar rhythms.  The songs are becoming more personal and more my own style with each time I practice them. I am still struggling with Dac’w Nghariad due to the fact that the song is so pretty and requires of lot of breath control to be sung properly. I finally got the rhythm pattern down that I want for Llosgi Yn Fflam, it took awhile because the pattern is very different than any I have ever played before.

For the first time I am actually feeling pretty good about performing the Celtic songs as well as the originals. In the past I have always been afraid of putting my originals out there, but I am getting more comfortable as the songs gain strength and reality for me. Until you actually perform them live some songs are more abstract than concrete. But, the only way for me to truly know if they are going to work or not is much like buying a car, you have to take them out for a spin. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Song Evolution…

  1. Maxima says:

    I have nominated you for an award on my site! You can see it here: Maxima

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