Musicians Welfare….

We went out last night and listened to Robin Scott and Tom Lowe play at Orphan Annie’s last night and it was frankly one of the best things we have done in a long time. We don’t really get out much because we are either playing or rehearsing, but I told Mike I knew Robin was playing and we HAD to go see her, BIG bonus, Orphan Annies is like 5 blocks from our house. So I kind of forced him out of the house. I had the chance to go to The Knitting Factory with Candi Reid from “Dakota Mad Band” but going to see Robin was closer and it gave me a chance to spread the love. If I had gone to the Knitting Factory I would have stayed and played with Candi but I wouldn’t have accomplished anything. What I did accomplish last night was huge! I got to spread the love to Robin and Tom, I got to sit down and talk with Robin, which we NEVER have time to do, I got to listen to her channel Linda Ronstadt and I met Tom for the first time. So all in all it was very cool!  At the end of the day we made a very cool new friend and I got a chance to sit and talk with Robin. Robin and I have been running in the same musical circles for years without ever really talking. She is a very sweet person and I really like her. She’s genuine, real and a very good vocalist to boot. I’m not fond of the way that Orphan Annie’s makes the musicians keep “control” over the sound, but I am impressed with Robin and Tom! At the end of the day I was sitting talking to Robin and realized we are at two different spectrum’s of music.  I want to see what she does with Tasty Jam because I don’t think that what we saw last night was really her true spirit. She does more laid back music with Tom, I am more on a driving edge, but I think she does some more driving songs with her husband. I don’t think we could do what  she and Tom did last night because we would overwhelm everybody. At the end of the day I would like to see Tasty Jam get hooked up with Jerry at The Crescent, however I think they are going to have to bring some originals to the table. It’s all about support my musical friends. We need to get out and spread the love, help each other hook up with gigs and just enjoy each other. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Musicians Welfare….

  1. Ms. Jaz, You’re About To Make Me Bust-Out Into Some LINDA RONSTADT!!!
    “Feelin’ Better, Now That We’re Through. Feelin’ Better, ‘Cause I’m Over you…” hehehe
    She’s One Of My Fave Faves hehehe

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