Going Forward….

Well it’s about time LOL 🙂 The band is finally going to get in the studio on the 8th of February to record. We are seriously over due for this. What going into the studio will do is hopefully get is more gigs. We haven’t quite decided which songs we are going to do but the goal is to pick songs that highlight each players best qualities. So I am hoping that we can lay down 6 tracks that each player feels confident about. We need to lay down at least one song with Bobby singing and hopefully one with Steven singing. I haven’t really decided which songs that I want to do for myself yet. I think I want to lay down “Shooting Star” but the reality is I’m still not 100% confident with the vocals on that yet. Bobby says I sing that great but he doesn’t know that I am not completely done working out the vocals on that. Also we need to do at least one song that John picks that highlight him on bass. I am hoping that he will pick one that he leads out like “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” by Foghat or something along that line. I am not going to give my opinions though. I want the guys to pick songs that they feel highlight their best qualities. So, as soon as we have that done I will share it with you. Well I am going to put a movie on and go to bed, I hope life is being good to you 🙂


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