Making the Cut….

Rehearsals went good last night. We got through all the new stuff and the entire set list. I decided to cut “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” off the set list and leave it for a request only song. Now, I know a lot of people like this song, however, we really are kind of tired of playing it and there are so many other great songs out there that we want to play. Another reason that I think cutting that song this weekend particularly is that we are at Barb’s Barr this weekend and one of their regular customers passed away. So this is turning into a celebration of his life/wake. I really want to avoid playing songs that might make anyone cry.  I am going to find out from Heather, the owner, what his favorites bands were and we will be dedicating a song to him and his friends.

We are ready to move on and our list of new songs for next week are “It’s a Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC, “Smooth” by Santana, “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream and “I Am the Highway” by Audioslave. When we pick songs we always try to do it democratically, in other words, everyone throws their choices in the hat and we pick and choose from everyone’s choices. I am at this point where I am trying to avoid slow songs because we have too many. So the deal is if the guys come up with slow songs we have to dump one of the other slow songs off the list, which is perfectly ok with me because there are a few I would like to see go bye-bye. 

I haven’t had as much time to work on the acoustic project as I would have liked. I have to really get on it next week. I have added a new song to the acoustic set list called “Love My Way‘ by the Psychedelic Furs. I woke up the other day with that song playing in my head and I have always loved it. I found a cool acoustic version on Youtube and with that I leave you with :Love My Way”….




2 thoughts on “Making the Cut….

  1. That’s a nice set list, specially for putting some Audioslave into it! 😛

    Why don’t you check my tribute to Audioslave, a metal version for Like a Stone!? Here it is:


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