Almost There….Willi B’s Here We Come!

I think I am almost over this damn, dreaded URI! I am getting ready to sit down and practice before rehearsals start at 5:30. I finally got the structure on “Greensleeves” done. I really like it, it’s a little faster than the standard version and I am using a break that Richie Blackmore put in his version of “Greensleeves” which really helps the song have a cool edge. I finally, finally have the rythm pattern on “Dacw’ Nghariad” the way I want it. Now, if only I can remember it come Saturday. LOL :). I am feeling well enough today that I am quite sure my voice will be 100% by Saturday….YAY! I have been so worried. This is, by far, is the worse case of laryngitis I have ever suffered through and tried to sing through. There have been minor ones in the past but usually due to straining too hard. This one, because it was due to an infection, really hurt and lasted much longer. I am getting excited about the gig at Willi B’s. When we go on our 15 minute breaks Brother Bob is going to take over and do some of his own stuff, which is cool. So there won’t be any down time from 7-10. I just hope we have a great turn out! So onward my friends………. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)


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