You Aren’t Allowed….

I love all the members of the band, but they aren’t allowed to break my heart. I worked my ass off on the songs that I do and I am sorry but you aren’t entitled to destroy everything that I have worked so hard for. I spend hours and hours working on the music and what makes one person think they are entitled to be a shithead and treat everyone like they are “better” than everyone else. I have NO compunction about firing someone that won’t meld with the rest of the band and seems to feel like they have “earned” entitlement. It pisses me off! I have been singing and playing instruments since I was 3. They are not special, there is nothing that they are doing that is “amazing”. They want to really take a walk in my shoes I will gladly hand them to them. I have been through more than they can ever imagine, but at least I freakin smile when I fire them.


One thought on “You Aren’t Allowed….

  1. Reblogged this on alltheeabove and commented:
    This is always the struggle when it comes to unification :/

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