Crescent Brewery Here We Come!!!

I am so ready for The Crescent Brewery! Last night was a long night and I am ready for some kick back bong music, as I like to call it, even though I don’t smoke doob. 🙂 We have some Welsh/Folk songs that weren’t played there last time which we will be playing tonight, including Ei Dir’ Deryn Du (Black Bird Will You Fly), Dacw’ Nghariad (There Is My Love), Llosgi Yn FFlam (Burning the Flame), The Blind Harper (Welsh Version), Llongau Caernarfon (Leaving Caernarfon), and a very cool version of Greensleeves that I have arraigned based upon Ritchie Blackmore‘s (from Rainbow/Dio) version. We will also play some originals and a tune by the Psychedelic Furs! Yes, it is never a dull moment! LOL 🙂 If I am singing something and you think your drunk because you can’t understand the words it’s not because you’re drunk it’s because if you don’t speak Welsh you won’t understand the words. So, LOL, you probably aren’t drunk….Wait, maybe you are? In case you all are wondering, as many do, “Just exactly where and what is Wales?”  No, we are not large mammals that eat fish and live in the ocean, no we are not a grape juice company. 🙂 Wales is a country in the Southern UK. We have roots that are shared by Scotland and Ireland and all three countries fought against Roman and England’s oppression and rule. We all speak different languages but the Welsh language is probably the furthest from most Gaelic languages. The Welsh language is called Cymric and has a lot of double ff’s, double dd’s and double ll’s, The double ll’s pronounced sort of sound to the inexperienced ear like a cat trying to spit up a fur ball. My families name is Dafydd, which is pronounced Daavvith which, when my family came here from Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, Wales, it became Davies and then got shortened to Davis. Wales is also called the land of music and each year, since the beginning, has a huge Eistefodd which dates back to the 12th century. It is a gathering of Poets, bards and musicians to celebrate their art. All of the Celtic peoples, Welshmen, Scotsmen and Irishmen have deep musical roots and music is the expression of all that they hold near and dear to heart, Family, Hearth, and country. We hope to see you all out tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Jaz


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