Getting a Little Behind…..

Sorry folks, there has been a lot going on. I have had so very much going on with both the 5 piece band and the acoustic project that I haven’t had time to write. I took some time off from my free lance writing to focus on the bands. We have Barb’s coming up and have been trying to get ready for that and break in Alex on drums. He’s doing GREAT! He’s only 21 and he’s an amazingly accomplished drummer! I have also been getting ready for the Crescent Brewery and have changed the acoustic band’s name to Cymry, which means “The Welsh People” in Welsh. I just want both bands to have their own seperate identities. Jerry was so sweet, he loaned me his violin to use until my Grandma sends me my Grandpa Tuff’s violin. I don;t know when that will be but I hope soon. I am hoping to be able to play “Greensleeves” by the day of the St. Pat’s party on the 16th. I am pretty rusty but have managed to go through it twice without too many mouse sqeeks or dying bird sounds. I figure I will play it late in the evening after everyone is well on their way. That way maybe if I mess it up everyone will be to toasty to notice :). I haven’t even had time to get on FB since the night we played the Crescent last time because a friend’s mom passed and I went to the wake. When I got back I found out someone had hacked my account and was spewing some pretty awful stuff about a friend of mine and I think whoever it was did some pretty irreperable damage to someone that I value as a friend and great musician. They also had everyone convinced I was totally quitting the band, which wasn’t the case at all. I wish I knew who did it and how, but I have heard about this happening to other friends of mine. So I shut down my account for over a week and just barely reopened it. It’s cruel and why someone would do that I do not know. :(. I reported it and hopefully FB will get to the bottom of it. Anyway, all is well. For the acoustic project I have added in 2 more songs. Both by Led Zepplin, “Thank You” and “Leaving California”.  I am working out the rough spots on both and they should be ready for the St. Pat’s party! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Wiht that I leave you with “Thank You”


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