Thanks For All the Fish…..

I love that book by Douglas Adams! Well, my friends. It’s time for me to break the news. EZ Street is no longer. What has been a long 12 year journey has come to an end. There are a multitude of reasons for this, firstly it’s time to move on into a new evolution. So this will be my last post regarding EZ Street. We did have dates scheduled until August, but frankly I am too tired to go on with this project any longer. When and if I decide to form it will be under a different band name and most likely it will be in another state. Michael and I are looking to move within the next year or so and so I am busy doing repairs to my house getting it ready to sell. I still have to inform Barb’s that they need to find a band to take our dates and I will do that today and I also have to inform a few other places that we have gigs booked. I may try to keep my performances at Crescent Brewery. For now, for all intensive purposes I am flying solo with the acoustic project CYMRY. So, my friends it’s sad to say good-bye….


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