Too Soon….

I am so not ready for Saturday. I still haven’t gotten over my freakin’ cold yet! Unbelievable, right? All I can do is do the best I can and hope my voice holds out. We are spending the next 3 days locking down all the originals, the Celtic tunes and the new songa we have added to the set list. Harmonica Rick Gibson is going to sit in with us as well as Brother Bob on Bass. I bribed him with a bottle of Compari? Whatever that is. We are also getting geared up for New Year‘s Eve. We have rehearsals tomorrow and a final rehearsal on Sunday. I have complete faith in John being ready to go, he’s such a great addition to the band! My costume is complete and I will post pics after the New Year. We had a fabulous Xmas, it couldn’t have gotten any better really! I hope everyone’s Xmas was as good as ours! With that I leave you with Miss Aretha…



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