Welcome Aboard!

“This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight…one, from…here to there. We’ll be cruising at a height of ten feet, going up to twelve and a half feet if we see anything big. And our copilot today is a flask of coffee.”― Eddie Izzard

We did it! We found the drummer of our dreams, his name is Steven McIver. Just what every Welsh woman needs, a Scottish drummer, LOL. Hey, we may have even found a bass player. I’m going to keep my high hopes to a minimum because the fall to the ground is so very far and man it hurts when you have to pick yourself up and wipe off the bits of minutia off your ass when you hit the ground….LMAO. At anyrate. My favorite part of rehearsals yesterday was the intro to “Evil Ways” by Santana. It was spot on freakin perfect! So, on that note we have a full band, EZ Street is no longer a duo or trio we are almost a full 5 piece band, and guess what? I only have to pick up the guitar when I want to!

We are headed to La Cantina Sociale tonight for our first open jam there. I’m curious to see how this is going to play out. Giuseppe seems to be a very cool cat, but again I’m not counting the chickens in the basket. We have a list set up and I hope we get a good turnout. On that note I will leave you with “Evil Ways” and some coffee for me…LOL Stay tuned…..


2 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard!

  1. I love your new blog, Jaz! Thanks for always reading my poems!

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